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The Services

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Ratodo's Blog

When it’s okay, When it is boring, when there is a place, there is a different personal blog in one place.

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Ratodo's Cloud

No need to talk too much, just cloud your cloud. Built on Amazon lightsail, using the open source nextcloud cloud storage system.

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Ratodo's Image Hosting

Based on LSky's open source code, the image is hosted in Upyun, and the website uses Baidu cloud acceleration to accelerate.

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Ratodo's Status Page

Hosted by a wealthy and generous cloud service, now.sh, thanks to the sponsorship of Golden Master Daddy.

About Me

Who am I? I am just an ordinary college student, an undergraduate student who has nothing to do with computers.Just holding a big interest in computers, try to build this website.

I don't have a bit of programming foundation. I rely on online tutorials and I can find out for myself. Although I am still weak, I will work hard.

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By the time the domain expires (or earlier), I will switch to the new domain name, which will end with .com. I hope I can always insist on building the station.

This website is only used as a navigation page for me, so there may not be any useful content. If necessary, please move to resdon.cn

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  • Email mailto:i@ratodo.com
  • Phone +1 681 299 1222
  • Telegram @ratodo